(Music+Video)Russ ft. Davido – All I Want

Russell Vitale popularly known by his stage name  Russ is the international star to feature a top Nigerian Superstar “Davido” on his latest single “All I Want“.

Russ is an Atlanta based rapper who was with Columbia Records in 2016, The Record label was owned by Sony and they decided to invest in him as they thought he was a rising star.

Russ is no stranger to the Billboard Hot 100, with prior hits like “What They Want” and “Losin’ Control” comfortably break in. With Davido‘s recent surge up the American urban market raising his stock higher and higher, one could see this as a collaboration between peers at the same level. You could even make a case for Davido being the bigger star. This is reflected in the song itself, as Davido pretty much controls most of it.

As a result of this new rise in status, we expect more and more OBO collaborations Stateside in the near future. For example, Sean Kingston is set to release a new single with Davido and Tory Lanez. Keep your ears and eyes open for that one.

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