Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral was fixed on Thursday At The Staples Centre

The Recent Murdered of American Rapper: Nipsey Hussle’s funeral Ceremony has been officially announced to be hold on Thursday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The announcement was made earlier today , it was stated the reason on making choice of Venue for his public service memorial because is understandable that there will be a massive population, the relationship, family, friends and fans would be a mammoth crowd in the funeral.

He was killed last week in front of his store in Los Angels, after having a little quarrel and arguments with some group of men , he was shot by a suspect known to be Eric Holder, who was already prosecuted to court and he pleaded not guilty but the case was adjourned, If found guilty, he will face nothing less than a life imprisonment. He is in a solitary confinement where he wouldn’t be able to mingle with anyone because they feel he is a target.

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