US Reacts To Postponement of Nigeria’s Election

The United States have made it clear that there fully in support for the decision the heeds of ECOWAS and other top international mission on the Postponement of elections in Nigeria,

U.S. Embassy in Nigeria encouraged Nigeria to highly support the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) to carried out a free,fair,peaceful and credible elections without any misconduct, U.S Embassy adhere to ECOWAS  statement and other international election observation mission on the postponement of the Feb,16th Nigeria elections

ECOWAS observers
ECOWAS observers

We join in encouraging all Nigerians to ensure a free, fair, peaceful, and credible election by supporting the Independent National Electoral Commission while it finalizes electoral preparations this week and by voting in peace together on Feb. 23,” it stated.

The heads of the international observation missions in Nigeria had in a statement earlier urged INEC to strictly stick to the new dates it scheduled for the general elections.

The heads of the various missions also called on Nigerians to continue to remain calm and supportive of the electoral process as INEC worked to implement its new timeline.

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